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EFFECTIVE DATE: October 11, 2022

These Terms and Conditions govern your purchase of a subscription giving you access to each of our services for the then-advertised price plus applicable taxes, that represents a discounted price as compared to the retail price of each plan when purchased separately (“Service(s)”). By purchasing the Service(s) through FTA Xtream or its supported third-party partners . If you purchase any service through FTA Xtream or its supported third-party partners, then in the event of any conflict between them and the provisions in these Terms and Conditions concerning Service(s) purchase, billing, and cancellation, these Terms and Conditions control.

These Terms and Conditions also incorporate by reference the FTA Xtream Terms of Use as if set forth herein, including without limitation, Section 11 (“Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability and Indemnity”), Section 13 (“Arbitration of Claims”), Section 14 (“Limitation on Time to Bring a Claim”) and Section 15.3 (“Choice of Law and Forum”).

1. Eligibility Criteria. The Service(s) are only available to residents of the United States, certain U.S. territories and Countries where streaming is allowed by law, and who are 18 years of age (or the age of majority in your state or territory of residence). If you subscribe to the Service(s) and are under 18 years of age, you will be unable to activate one or more of your Service(s)d Service subscriptions, and your Service(s) subscription may be canceled without notice.

a. FTA Xtream Subscribers. If you pay for or receive access to your FTA Xtream subscription through a third party, you may be ineligible to subscribe to the Service(s) through FTA Xtream. Supported third-party partners for the Service(s) may vary from time to time. If you subscribe to FTA Xtream pursuant to a promotional offer and wish to purchase the Service(s) through FTA Xtream, you may be required to forfeit your promotional pricing.

b. Other Subscribers. If you have an existing subscription with other services, you may be ineligible to subscribe to the Service(s) though FTA Xtream and will be directed to them to complete your Service(s) purchase. If you have an existing subscription with the others and are eligible to subscribe to the Service(s) through FTA Xtream, you may do so without cancelling your existing subscription(s). The amount charged for the Service(s) will be not be adjusted to your account for any existing subscription(s) with them for so long as you maintain an eligible subscription through them. Note that if you have an existing subscription with the others, the Service(s) will not change or replace that subscription.

2. Free Trials. While you may be eligible for a free trial of one or more of the Service(s)d Services if purchased individually, there is no free trial for the Service(s) unless specifically offered.

3. Modifications to Your FTA Xtream Plan. If you subscribe to the Service(s) through FTA Xtream or its supported third-party partners, you may be given the choice to substitute a different FTA Xtream plan for the FTA Xtream (ad-supported) plan included with the Service(s). If you do so, the total amount you are billed will be adjusted accordingly.

4. Activation. After you complete your purchase of the Service through FTA Xtream, you will not need to  to create a separate account for the others and activate those subscriptions. you should just cancel your other subscriptiuons.

5. Data Sharing. By subscribing to the Service(s), you agree that certain account information (e.g., your e-mail address) will be provided to each Service(s). Service for purposes of assessing your eligibility for the service, activating, administering, improving your experience with our service(s)  and communicating with you about the Service(s) and each Service(s)d Service. Any such account information received by the Service(s)d Services will be subject to each Service(s)d Service provider’s respective Privacy Policy which can be found here:

6. Separate Apps. You will need to access our Service(s) through its respective application to access the content available on that Service(s)  and subject to the availability of features and functionalities (e.g., number of permitted simultaneous content streams, content resolution, geographic limitations for access, temporary downloads) for that Service(s).

7. Cancellation. If you purchase the Service(s) through FTA Xtream or its supported third-party partners, you may cancel the Service(s) at any time, effective as of the end of your current paid billing cycle. By canceling the Service(s), you will lose access to all Service(s). there will be NO Refunds for cancelled services.

8. Modifications. This promotional offer may be modified or terminated at any time. FTA Xtream also reserves the right to amend, modify, or waive these Terms and Conditions from time to time, effective automatically upon your purchase of the Service(s) (if you are a new or returning Service(s) subscriber) or 30 days after the revised Terms and Conditions are posted (if you are currently a Service(s) subscriber).

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